Antarctic Journal of the United States

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
“Complete” seal carcass at Lake Miers, Miers Valley 1977 Don Juan Pond Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000039
Japanese scientific activities in the McMurdo region, 1976-1977 1977 McMurdo Dry Valleys Geochemistry MCMEH-B000091
Antarctic search for meteorites. 1977 McMurdo Dry Valleys Geology MCMEH-B000168
Geothermal Studies in Antarctica. 1977 McMurdo Dry Valleys Geology MCMEH-B000183
Geology of some volcanic rocks from the Ross Island, Mount Morning, and southern Victoria Land areas 1977 Taylor Valley Geology MCMEH-B000331
Ground magnetic studies of volcanic rocks in the Taylor and Wright Valleys region 1977 Don Juan Pond Geophysics MCMEH-B000372
Logging summary of the Dry Valley Drilling Project. 1977 Garwood Valley Geophysics MCMEH-B000388
Resource and radioactivity survey in southern Victoria Land. 1977 McMurdo Dry Valleys Geophysics MCMEH-B000402
Glaciological studies with the U.S. Antarctic Research Programs, 1974-1975 and 1975-1976 1977 Rhone Glacier Glaciology MCMEH-B000406
Glacial history of the McMurdo Sound region 1977 Bowers Piedmont Glacier Glaciology MCMEH-B000484
Freshwater lakes in Pleistocene McMurdo Sound 1977 Lake Bonney Limnology MCMEH-B000511
Ecosystem studies and mathematical model for Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley, southern Victoria Land 1977 Lake Bonney Limnology MCMEH-B000540
Microorganisms in Antarctic desert rocks from dry valleys and Dufek Massif 1977 Taylor Valley Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000679
Extraction of diatoms from glacial sediments. 1977 Lake Vanda Paleontology MCMEH-B000697
Analysis of permafrost cores from Antarctic dry valleys 1977 Taylor Glacier Paleontology MCMEH-B000723
Soil development in the Taylor Valley and McMurdo Sound area 1977 Taylor Valley Soil Science MCMEH-B000751
Phototheodolite resurvey in the dry valleys 1976 Lake Vida Cartography MCMEH-B000046
DVDP Environmental impact assessment and monitoring 1976 Miers Valley Conservation MCMEH-B000054
Japanese activities in DVDP, 1975-1976. 1976 Marble Point Geochemistry MCMEH-B000090
Dry Valley Drilling Project, 1975-1976: first cores…drilling in McMurdo Sound 1976 McMurdo Sound Geology MCMEH-B000151
Geothermal studies in the dry valleys, McMurdo Sound 1976 New Harbor Geology MCMEH-B000158
Piston coring in the Ross Sea 1976 McMurdo Dry Valleys Geology MCMEH-B000215
Second Dry Valley Drilling Project Seminar, January 1976 1976 New Harbor Geology MCMEH-B000335
Analysis of permafrost cores from Antarctic dry valleys 1976 Upper Reznick Glacier Geology MCMEH-B000343
Past levels and present state of northern Victoria Land glaciers 1976 McMurdo Dry Valleys Glaciology MCMEH-B000458
Hydrogeology in the dry valleys 1976 Lake Bonney Hydrology MCMEH-B000492
Lake Bonney ecosystem: mathematical model 1976 Lake Bonney Limnology MCMEH-B000575
Climatonomy model for the dry valleys with and without snow cover. 1976 Marble Point Atmospheric Science MCMEH-B000647
Microfossils from DVDP hole 15, western McMurdo Sound. 1976 New Harbor Paleontology MCMEH-B000698
Carbon-14 dates of Adamussium colbecki (Mollusca) in marine deposits at New Harbor, Taylor Valley 1976 New Harbor Camp Paleontology MCMEH-B000718