McMurdo Sound

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Towards Convoy? From Gateway Nunatak 1997-98 Gateway Nunatak General MCMEH-P003813
McMurdo from the air 1995-96 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P000548
Seal in ice hole with equipment 1979-80 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P000172
Bob Wharton on Castle Rock 1979-80 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P000344
C-131 Hercules McMurdo Sound 1979-80 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P000512
Dry Valley Drilling Project, 1975-1976: first cores…drilling in McMurdo Sound 1976 McMurdo Sound Geology MCMEH-B000151
Ice breaker cutting channel 1974 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P001515
Geological investigations at McMurdo Station, 1972-1973 1973 McMurdo Sound Geology MCMEH-B000210
Discovery Hut at McMurdo Sound 1970-1971 Discovery Hut MCMEH-P005037
Lower Taylor Valley 1964 Andrew's Ridge General MCMEH-P001545
McMurdo in January 1964 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P001551
Military Air Transport Service deplaning 1964-65 Williams Field General MCMEH-P003857
Willy Field Runways 1964-65 Williams Field General MCMEH-P003876
View of Willys field out plane window 1964-65 Williams Field General MCMEH-P003877
United States Navy plane on field 1964-65 Williams Field General MCMEH-P003878
Breaker ship supplies and powerlines 1963-64 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P000369
Tractor traverse party Ross ice shelf 1960-61 Ross Ice Shelf General MCMEH-P001350
Tractor traverse party Ross ice shelf 1960-61 Ross Ice Shelf General MCMEH-P001351
Aerial view of Taylor Dry Valley 1960-61 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001352
Sea Smoke McMurdo March 1960 1960 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P003605
McMurdo Antarctica view to Mt. blowing snow coming in. White out resulted 12 midnight Dec 20. 1959-60 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P001815
Channel breaking McMurdo Sound Antarctica USS Atka 1959-60 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P001832
Airstrip at Marble Point 5k ft aerial 1958-59 Marble Point General MCMEH-P001300
Northwest across sea ice of Granite Harbor 1958-59 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P001443
South across Granite Harbor 1958-59 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P001444
Diabase Island McMurdo Sound 1958-59 Diabase Island General MCMEH-P001589
Helo at fuel dump temporary camp McM Sound 1957-58 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P001334
Ferguson tractor used to cross the Antarctic 1957-58 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P002264
The USS Glacier in the water of McMurdo Sound near Hut Point 1957-58 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P002271
Hut with airplanes parked on the bay ice 1957-58 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P001893