Cape Evans

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
AHT's Lizzie Meek and Josiah Wagener prepare to move artefacts from Scott's Terra Nova Hut to the nearby conservation laboratory at Cape Evans 2013-2014 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004962
AnNZ CEO Peter Beggs makes his first visit to Scott's Terra Nova Hut, on this first trip to Antarctica 2013-2014 Terra Nova Hut MCMEH-P005039
Terra Nova Hut, Cape Evans, November 2005 2005-2006 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004981
Scott's Terra Nova looking east toward Mt.Erebus 2001-2002 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004969
Scott's hut at Cape Evans 1999-00 Scott's Hut General MCMEH-P000446
Mount ErebusCape Evans K024 1999-00 Mount Erebus General MCMEH-P000448
Cape Evans 1999-00 Cape Evans General MCMEH-P000453
Met station Scott's Hut artifact Cape Evans 1999-00 Scott's Hut General MCMEH-P000454
Molting feathers Cape Evans 1999-00 Cape Evans General MCMEH-P000455
Cape Evans Hut 1999-00 Cape Evans General MCMEH-P000490
TAE/IGY reunion at Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans 1999-2000 Terra Nova Huts MCMEH-P005065
Scott's Hut at Cape Evans SPA 1997-1998 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004971
Shoreline, Cape Evans 1997-1998 Cape Evans MCMEH-P005063
Scott's Hut at Cape Evans 1995-1996 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004973
Scott's Hut at Cape Evans Aerial View 1992-1993 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004965
Cape Evans Hut in the Spring 1991-1992 Cape Evans Hut MCMEH-P005033
Scott's Hut-Latrines 1990-1991 Scott's Hut MCMEH-P005081
Scott's Hut with build up of snow 1989-1990 Scott's Hut MCMEH-P005034
Scott's Hut Exterior Hay Bale Storage 1987-1988 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004972
Scott's Hut: Snow before clear out 1985-1986 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004988
Snow drifts at door of Scott's Hut 1985-1986 Scott's Hut MCMEH-P005045
Scott's Hut 1980-81 Scott's Hut MCMEH-P005015
Artists in Antarctica Programme: Scott's Hut at Cape Evans 1997-1988 Scott's Hut MCMEH-P005028
Terra Nova Hut 1977-1978 Terra Nova Hut MCMEH-P005047
Caretaker Jeremy Sutton-Pratt at Scott's Terra Nova Hut 1976-1997 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004989
Dive camp tents and hut 1974-75 Cape Evans General MCMEH-P000381
Captain Scott's Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans showing the east end 1969-1970 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004942
Volcanic rocks of the Ross Island area 1968 Cape Evans Geology MCMEH-B000333
Patterned ground studies in Antarctica 1966 Cape Evans Soil Science MCMEH-B000744
Barne Glacier from Cape Evans 1961-62 Barne Glacier General MCMEH-P002944