Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
GPR Taylor Glacier Mouth of Beacon 1997-98 Taylor Glacier General MCMEH-P003823
Site review Taylor Glacier 1996-97 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001163
Camp Taylor Valley 1995-96 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P003756
Helos in Taylor Valley 1995-96 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P003759
Five people setting stream control 1994-95 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000905
Four people with equipment and control structure on stream 1994-95 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000926
Five people near stream control and equipment 1994-95 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000950
Six people in airplane 1994-95 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000961
Four people conducting survey across streambed 1994-95 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000971
Four people working near control structure 1994-95 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000975
Five people with equipment 1994-95 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000992
Five people with equipment 1994-95 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000994
Bell 212 Lake Hoare Loading 1994-95 Lake Hoare Camp General MCMEH-P001659
People and equipment near Jamesway hut and lake 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000803
CDC at Christchurch waiting for flight to McMurdo 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000835
People near military airplane 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000836
Four people with equipment near streambed 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000840
People at Christchurch terminal 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000844
People disembarking plane on ice 1993-94 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P000845
Scuba diver and team near ice hole 1993-94 Lake Hoare General MCMEH-P000856
Helicopter and crew 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000858
Lake Hoare Camp Farewell 1993-94 Lake Hoare Camp General MCMEH-P001155
Blast line from det cord in ice 1993-94 New Harbor Camp General MCMEH-P001670
Researchers at Lake Bonney Camp 1993-94 Lake Bonney Camp General MCMEH-P001697
Frozen pond in front of Canada Glacier 1993-94 Canada Glacier General MCMEH-P001700
Marble Point 1991-92 Marble Point General MCMEH-P003741
Eleven People Outside Hut 1990-91 Lake Fryxell Camp General MCMEH-P000017
People sitting at table in Jamesway hut 1990-91 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001063
Helicopter on Valley Floor Four People Nearby 1975-76 Wright Valley General MCMEH-P000083
1973-74 DVDP Lake Vanda 1973-74 North Fork Basin DVDP14 General MCMEH-P003688