Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
AHT's Tank Adams rakes the ground contours after re-stacking the cairn at the base of Vince's Cross, Hut Point 2013-2014 Vince's Cross MCMEH-P005067
Quonset Hut-New Harbour 2001-02 New Harbor MCMEH-P004939
Cape Evans Hut in the Spring 1991-1992 Cape Evans Hut MCMEH-P005033
Eastern Wall of Mawson's Hut-South End with Snow Lip 1981-82 Cape Denison MCMEH-P004966
Side of Mawson's Hut Buried in Snow 1981-1982 Cape Denison MCMEH-P004980
Mawson's Hut from a Distance 1981-1982 Cape Denison MCMEH-P004984
Western Wall of Mawson's Hut, South End in Shade 1981-1982 Cape Denison MCMEH-P004985
Rope and Food Containers 3m West of Mawson's Hut 1981-1982 Mawson's Hut MCMEH-P005022
Cape Denison Memorial Plaque 1981-1982 Cape Denison MCMEH-P005023
Memorial Cross, Cape Denison 1981-1982 Cape Denison MCMEH-P005026
Mawson's Hut 1981-1982 Mawson's Hut MCMEH-P005068
Western Wall of Mawson's Hut, Entrance to the left 1981-1982 Mawson's Hut MCMEH-P005070