Mount Discovery

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Ice surface topography and an ice-free aea, southern Victoria Land. 1974 Mount Discovery Glaciology MCMEH-B000420
Aerial view of airfield 1958-59 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P001402
South over sea ice to Mt. Discovery 1958-59 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P001609
Ferguson tractor used to cross the Antarctic 1957-58 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P002264
View of Mt. Discovery and Brown Island 1957-58 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P002270
Mt. Discovery close-up 1957-58 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P002282
Mt. Discovery with the volcanic cinder-cone on the west side 1957-58 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P002283
Mt. Discovery and its many little cinder cones 1957-58 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P002285
Red fresh cinder cone between Mt. Morning and Mt. Discovery 1957-58 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P002288
Breached red cinder cone 1957-58 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P002289
Large cinder cone on the flanks of Mt. Morning looking toward Mt. Discovery 1957-58 Mount Morning General MCMEH-P002292
Camp site on Mt. Discovery in the snow 1957-58 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P002300
Tent and camp on Mt. Discovery 1957-58 Mount Discovery General MCMEH-P002303
Norm on ice field with Mt. Erebus in the rear on Black Island 1957-58 Mount Erebus General MCMEH-P002304
Hut with airplanes parked on the bay ice 1957-58 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P001893
McMurdo sound with floating ice 1957-58 McMurdo Sound General MCMEH-P001943
View down Ward Valley from hill of icy granite 1957-58 Ward Valley General MCMEH-P002172
Mt. Discovery and Norm from Patty Valley 1957-58 Patty Valley General MCMEH-P002194