Lake Vanda

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Hydrogeological studies in the Dry Valleys. 1974 Lake Vanda Hydrology MCMEH-B000494
Hydrological aspects of Lake Vanda, Wright Valley, Victoria Land, Antarctica 1974 Lake Vanda Hydrology MCMEH-B000497
The sedimentation rate of Lake Vanda, Antarctica 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000519
An isotopic study of Lake Vanda, Antarctica (abstract) 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000522
Studies carried out on the Lake Vanda core 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000523
Origin of the warm water near the bottom of Lake Vanda in the Antarctic (25.5-27 degrees C 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000551
Stable isotope studies of the salts, water, and ice from Ross Island core and Lake Vanda (abstract) 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000563
Preliminary reports on DVDP 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000595
The heat balance and thermal structure of Lake Vanda (abstract). 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000610
Dry Valley lake sediments: a record of Cenozoic events. 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000630
Lake Vanda: A Source of Heating 1974 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000631
Diatoms from Lake Vanda core 1974 Lake Vanda Paleontology MCMEH-B000695
ERTS-1 applied to geologic mapping in the dry valleys 1974 Lake Vanda Cartography MCMEH-B000044
Isotopic composition of strontium and geologic history of the basement rocks of Wright Valley, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica: with an appendix: Petrological notes, by L.B. Owens. 1974 Lake Vanda Geology MCMEH-B000125
Origin of the Jurassic dolerites and basalts of southern Victoria Land 1973 Lake Vanda Geochemistry MCMEH-B000082
Double-diffusive convection and its implications for the temperature and salinity structure of the ocean and Lake Vanda 1972 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000542
Bathymetry and bottom sediments of Lake Vanda, Antarctica 1972 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000567
The re-evaluation of heat balance in Lake Vanda, Victoria Land, Antarctica 1972 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000611
View up Wright Valley toward Labyrinth 1972-73 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P003684
Vanda catwalk 1971-72 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P002349
Catwalk collapse 1971-72 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P002351
Seiche observations at Lake Vanda, Victoria Land, Antarctica 1971 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000530
Carbon-14 age and tritium content of Lake Vanda, Wright Valley 1971 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000546
Temperature and conductivity measurements under ice island T-3 1971 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-B000568
Lake Vanda Wright Valley near Vanda Station 1970-71 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P001364
Electrical depth soundings in Antarctic dry valleys. 1970 Lake Vanda Geophysics MCMEH-B000384
An electrostatic field mill for the Antarctic station at Lake Vanda 1970 Lake Vanda Atmospheric Science MCMEH-B000642
Algae from the soil of the Antarctic. 1970 Lake Vanda Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000686
World’s last frontier. III. Polar mycology in Lake Vanda, Antarctica. 1970 Lake Vanda Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000690
Traverse party from Scott Base 1969-70 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001362