Kukri Hills

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Paleomagnetism of Ordovician Lamprophyres from Taylor Valley, Victoria Land, Antarctica 1977 Kukri Hills Geophysics MCMEH-B000390
Kukri Hills Area Taylor Valley Victoria Land Antarctica 1959-60 Kukri Hills General MCMEH-P001754
Geological investigations in south Victoria Land, Antarctica: Part 1 – Geology of Victoria Dry Valley. 1959 Kukri Hills Geology MCMEH-B000348
Peneplain and basements sill southern side of Kukri Hills 1958-59 Kukri Hills General MCMEH-P001410
South side of Kukri hills 1958-59 Kukri Hills General MCMEH-P001445
Diabase Island Pano Kukri Hills 1958-59 Diabase Island General MCMEH-P001600
Diabase Island Pano Kukri Hils and Guava Valley 1958-59 Diabase Island General MCMEH-P001601
Aerial view of south side Kukri Hills west end. 1958-59 Kukri Hills General MCMEH-P001608
East at west end of Kukri Hills 1958-59 Kukri Hills General MCMEH-P001617
Glacier from Kukri Hills 1957-58 Kukri Hills General MCMEH-P002001
Lunch stop at Tesselation Lake 1957-58 Tesselation Lake General MCMEH-P002016
Aerial view of the Kukri Ice Falls 1957-58 Kukri Hills General MCMEH-P002222
Aerial view of Wales Glacier and moraine near Kukri Hills 1957-58 Wales Glacier General MCMEH-P002229
Taylor Sketch 9 1910-11 Kukri Hills Geology, Glaciology MCMEH-S0009