Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
People and equipment near Jamesway hut and lake 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000803
Person with field gear on glacier 1993-94 Canada Glacier General MCMEH-P000807
Person touching glacial meltwater 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000808
Two people with glacier met station 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000809
Two taking measurement with with fieldgear 1993-94 Canada Glacier General MCMEH-P000810
Person on glacier with climbing gear 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000811
Woman downloading data from met station 1993-94 Howard Glacier Met Station General MCMEH-P000812
Person sampling stream near wooden box and equipment 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000814
Woman hiking with fieldgear 1993-94 Cape Bird General MCMEH-P000818
Two men row but across moat 1993-94 Lake Hoare General MCMEH-P000825
Two people hike near glacier face 1993-94 Canada Glacier General MCMEH-P000829
People with tent and equipment near lake ice hole 1993-94 Lake Fryxell General MCMEH-P000832
CDC at Christchurch waiting for flight to McMurdo 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000835
People near military airplane 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000836
Three people sitting in airplane 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000838
Four people with equipment near streambed 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000840
Man weighing baby penguin 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000843
People at Christchurch terminal 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000844
People disembarking plane on ice 1993-94 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P000845
Man with ski-doo and sledge on lake ice 1993-94 Commonwealth Glacier General MCMEH-P000851
Two men on ridge 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000855
Scuba diver and team near ice hole 1993-94 Lake Hoare General MCMEH-P000856
Three people drilling ice hole 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000857
Helicopter and crew 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000858
Man sits amongAdelie Penguins near coast 1993-94 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000859
Person doing stream transect 1993-94 Onyx River General MCMEH-P000875
Two people near weir 1991-92 Onyx River at Lower Wright Weir General MCMEH-P000550
Person walks near stream and glacier face 1991-92 Santa Fe Stream General MCMEH-P000554
People sitting at table in Jamesway hut 1990-91 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001063
Person watching control structure 1990-91 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001075