Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Two researchers on a hill 1996-97 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001140
Gauge site looking upstream 1991-92 Santa Fe Stream at B2 General MCMEH-P000570
Antarctica First 1972 Team in front of Lake Bonney Hut 1972-73 Lake Bonney General MCMEH-P003650
Oiling down dump before burning McM S 1963-64 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P001341
Kavanaugh setting up tent Marble Point 1957-58 Marble Point General MCMEH-P001230
Campsite scouting Cape Bernacchi 1957-58 Cape Bernacchi General MCMEH-P001296
Base scouting Cape B 1957-58 Cape Bernacchi General MCMEH-P001297
Planting flags for base Cape B 1957-58 Cape Bernacchi General MCMEH-P001298
Waiting for helo - take out - Paul Broady and Andre Unknown Season Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002517