Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Three figures taking soil samples Vanda 1979-80 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P001380
Chafee and Elliot look over a glacier 1971-72 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001205
First landing on ice-free runway marble point 1957-58 Marble Point General MCMEH-P001255
First landing admiral dufek marble point 1957-58 Marble Point General MCMEH-P001268
First landing edmund hillary marble point 1957-58 Marble Point General MCMEH-P001269
Dynamite placing at Marble Point 1957-58 Marble Point General MCMEH-P001285
John Cook Rivard and Pewe on a seismic part on the lower end or terminus of Koettlitz Glacier 1957-58 Koettlitz Glacier General MCMEH-P002272
Cook and Rivard operating the instruments to set off the discharge 1957-58 Koettlitz Glacier General MCMEH-P002274
Hauling Cook out to the airport with the weasel 1957-58 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P002309
Bull Pass Ventifacts Unknown Season Bull Pass General MCMEH-P001147