Hut Point

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
AHT's Tank Adams rakes the ground contours after re-stacking the cairn at the base of Vince's Cross, Hut Point 2013-2014 Vince's Cross MCMEH-P005067
Aerial of Discovery 2006-2007 Hut Point MCMEH-P004961
Plaque on Outer Wall of Discovery Hut 1989-1990 Hut Point MCMEH-P004963
David Harrowfield and Hugh Logan 1989-90 Scott's Hut MCMEH-P005008
Across Discovery Hut to McMurdo 1979-1980 Hut Point MCMEH-P004977
Plaque at Discovery Hut 1979-1980 Discovery Hut MCMEH-P005025
Discovery Hut 1977-1978 Discovery Hut MCMEH-P005049
Scott's Hut and Plaque 1976-1977 Scott's Hut MCMEH-P005024
Reading Plaque Outside Scott's Discovery Hut 1975-1976 Discovery Hut MCMEH-P004955
Discovery Hut 1969-1970 Hut Point MCMEH-P004948
Scott's Hut (1902) Exterior 1968-1969 Hut Point MCMEH-P004970
Discovery Hut at McMurdo 1967-1968 Hut Point MCMEH-P004974
East side of Discovery Hut 1963-1964 Discovery Hut MCMEH-P005053
NZ Antarctica Society Hut's Restoration Party with historic places plaque 1963-1964 NZ Antarctic Society Hut's MCMEH-P005086
Bill Fry and Memorial at Hut Point 1961-62 Hut Point General MCMEH-P002960
Scott's 1901-04 Hut at Hut Point 1961-1962 Hut Point MCMEH-P004964
Discovery Hut 1961-1962 Discovery Hut MCMEH-P005052
Hut Point Antarctica 1959-60 Hut Point General MCMEH-P001802
Tidal crack looking N. toward Cape Royds Hut Point Antarctica 1959-60 Hut Point General MCMEH-P001804
Back of Hut Point Antarctica 1959-60 Hut Point General MCMEH-P001805
The USS Glacier in the water of McMurdo Sound near Hut Point 1957-58 McMurdo Station General MCMEH-P002271
View from elevation 2220 of moraines at Hut Point 1957-58 Hut Point General MCMEH-P002301
Troy and a seal carcass 1957-58 Hut Point General MCMEH-P002302
Beached fuel tankers at Hut Point 1957-58 Hut Point General MCMEH-P002090
Scott's old hut at Hut Point 1957-58 Scott's Hut General MCMEH-P002091
Printing on old box during 1907 British Antarctic Expedition 1957-58 Scott's Hut General MCMEH-P002092
Scott's Hut Exterior 1957-1958 Scott's Hut MCMEH-P005027
Discovery Hut 1956-1957 Hut Point MCMEH-P004975
Hut Point Chapel and Observation Hill 1956-1958 Hut Point Chapel, Observation Hill MCMEH-P005071
Discovery Hut with McUrdo in background Unknown Season Discovery Hut MCMEH-P005060