Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Map 1: Overview ASMA No. 2 McMurdo Dry Valleys: boundary & zones 2011 Taylor Valley Cartography MCMEH-M0003
Map 2: Overview Central Dry Valleys 2011 Taylor Valley Cartography MCMEH-M0004
Geologic Map of Antarctica: Sheet 14 1969 Terra Nova Bay Geology MCMEH-M0002
Provisional Map of Upper Taylor Glacier (with notes) 1958-59 Taylor Valley Glaciology MCMEH-M0001
Taylor's Sledge Diary, Introduction 1954 McMurdo Dry Valleys -General MCMEH-A000001
Taylor Sledge Diary, Friday 27th January 1911 1910-11 Butter Point Cache -General MCMEH-A000002
Taylor Sledge Diary, Saturday 28th January 1911 1910-11 Ferrar Glacier -General MCMEH-A000003
Taylor Sledge Diary, Sunday 29th January 1911 1910-11 Ferrar Glacier -General MCMEH-A000004
Taylor Sledge Diary, Monday 30th January 1911 1910-11 Ferrar Glacier -General MCMEH-A000005
Taylor Sledge Diary, Tuesday 31st January 1911 1910-11 Taylor Glacier -General MCMEH-A000006
Taylor Sledge Diary, Wednesday 1st February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000007
Taylor Sledge Diary, Thursday 2nd February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000008
Taylor Sledge Diary, Friday 3rd February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000009
Taylor Sledge Diary, Saturday 4th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000010
Taylor Sledge Diary, Sunday 5th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000011
Taylor Sledge Diary, Monday 6th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000012
Taylor Sledge Diary, Tuesday 7th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000013
Taylor Sledge Diary, Wednesday 8th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000014
Taylor Sledge Diary, Thursday 9th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000015
Taylor Geological Report, Thursday 27th January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000016
Taylor Geological Report, Friday 28th January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000017
Taylor Geological Report, Saturday 29th January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000018
Taylor Geological Report, Sunday 30th January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000019
Taylor Geological Report, Monday 31st January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000020
Taylor Geological Report, Tuesday 1st February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000021
Taylor Geological Report, Wednesday 2nd February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000022
Taylor Geological Report, Thursday 3rd February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000023
Taylor Geological Report, Friday 4th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000024
Taylor Geological Report, Saturday 5th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000025
Taylor Geological Report, Sunday 6th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000026