Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
1969-70 General MCMEH-P004727
Ice axe on lake ice Unknown Season General MCMEH-P000196
N/A MCMEH-P005087
N/A MCMEH-P005088
N/A MCMEH-P005089
N/A MCMEH-P005090
Taylor Geological Report, Thursday 27th January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000016
Taylor Geological Report, Friday 28th January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000017
Taylor Geological Report, Saturday 29th January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000018
Taylor Geological Report, Sunday 30th January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000019
Taylor Geological Report, Monday 31st January 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000020
Taylor Geological Report, Tuesday 1st February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000021
Taylor Geological Report, Wednesday 2nd February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000022
Taylor Geological Report, Thursday 3rd February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000023
Taylor Geological Report, Friday 4th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000024
Taylor Geological Report, Saturday 5th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000025
Taylor Geological Report, Sunday 6th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000026
Taylor Geological Report, Monday 7th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000027
Taylor Geological Report, Tuesday 8th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000028
Taylor Geological Report, Wednesday 9th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000029
Taylor Sledge Diary, Friday 10th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000030
Taylor Sledge Diary, Saturday 11th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000031
Taylor Sledge Diary, Sunday 12th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000032
Taylor Sledge Diary, Monday 13th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000033
Taylor Sledge Diary, Tuesday 14th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000034
Taylor Sledge Diary, Friday 17th February 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000035
Taylor Sledge Diary, Saturday 25th March 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000036
Taylor Sledge Diary, Tuesday 28th March 1911 1910-11 -General MCMEH-A000037
Official Report on The Second Western Geological Expedition, Antarctica. Nov.-Dec. 1911 – Jan. Feb. 1912. Preface. 1913 -General MCMEH-A000038
Official Report on The Second Western Geological Expedition, Antarctica. Nov.-Dec. 1911 – Jan. Feb. 1912. 19th November 1911 1911-12 -General MCMEH-A000039