Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Helicopter landing pad with... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000371
Ice Breaker small structure McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000372
Ships and garbagev piles McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000373
Quonset huts and chapel McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000374
Quonset huts McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000375
View from Crary Biolab McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000376
Powerlines and Quonset hut... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000378
Burning dump McMurdo Station McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P001340
Oiling down dump before... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P001341
McMurdo Dump being burned off McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P001343
C-130 at McMurdo being... McMurdo Station 1961-62 General MCMEH-P002962
Dr.Willis Tressler... McMurdo Station 1960-61 General MCMEH-P002979
George in Biolab McMurdo McMurdo Station 1960-61 General MCMEH-P003028
Ice Cave- Scott Base Scott Base 1961-62 General MCMEH-P003037
Old R4-D Plane at McMurdo not... McMurdo Station 1961-62 General MCMEH-P003084
Old R4-D Plane surveyed 1... McMurdo Station 1961-62 General MCMEH-P003085
Navy Constellation plane and... McMurdo Station 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001393
Jamesway hut summer dorms at... McMurdo Station 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001395
Aerial of McMurdo McMurdo Station 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001396
Aerial view of airfield McMurdo Station 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001402
US and NZ geologists on snow... Scott Base 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001408
Horse manure on porch of... Scott's Hut 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001411
Three figures at Scott Base Scott Base 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001414
Peter Webb at Scott Base with... Scott Base 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001416
Dogs and people at Scott Base Scott Base 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001417
Scott's Hut aerial Scott's Hut 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001418
Frozen mutton Scott's Hut Scott's Hut 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001419
Scott's Hut porch post-... Scott's Hut 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001420
Wind-fluted erratic Lake... Lake Bonney Camp 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001597
P.T. Hayes digging in Moraine... Lake Bonney Camp 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001618