Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Site review Taylor Glacier Unknown Place 1996-97 General MCMEH-P001163
Five people setting stream... Unknown Place 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000905
Four people with equipment... Unknown Place 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000926
Five people near stream... Unknown Place 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000950
Six people in airplane Unknown Place 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000961
Four people conducting survey... Unknown Place 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000971
Four people working near... Unknown Place 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000975
Five people with equipment Unknown Place 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000992
Five people with equipment Unknown Place 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000994
Captain: P. Doran Moat Boat... Unknown Place 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000517
People and equipment near... Unknown Place 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000803
Three people sitting in... Unknown Place 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000838
Four people with equipment... Unknown Place 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000840
Three people drilling ice hole Unknown Place 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000857
Helicopter and crew Unknown Place 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000858
Three researchers near... Unknown Place 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000250
Loading 'toys' onto... Unknown Place 1992 General MCMEH-P002448
Man riding bike near... Unknown Place 1992 General MCMEH-P002449
People sitting at table in... Unknown Place 1990-91 General MCMEH-P001063
Helo tractors baggage Unknown Place 1986-96 General MCMEH-P002391
Three people at base Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000191
Helo station tractor Unknown Place 1985-96 General MCMEH-P002392
Snow School Unknown Place 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000190
Three researchers taking... Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P000533
Six Japanese Researchers Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P002993
People and gear near... Unknown Place 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003691
View of DVDP Site Near Lake Unknown Place 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003694
Helo Loading Unknown Place 1970-71 General MCMEH-P002353
NZARP snowcats and five people Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004460
Four people with caterpillar Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004463