Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Helicopter on Hughes Glacier Hughes Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000179
Stake installation terminus... Howard Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000494
Snow pit Howard Glacier Howard Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000519
Eddy Correlation Station Canada Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000520
Streambed and view of glacier Commonwealth Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000886
Person building cairn near... Commonwealth Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000890
Equipment near stream control Canada Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000906
Stream with view toward... Commonwealth Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000914
Control structure on stream... Canada Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000946
Three men pose near streambed Canada Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000972
Andrew Fountain digging snow... Howard Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P001151
Bill McCormick on Taylor... Taylor Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P001178
Bill McCormick near meltwater... Taylor Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P001181
Andrew Fountain at Met... Taylor Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P001192
Andrew Fountain measuring... Howard Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P001661
Lake Fryxell from Howard... Howard Glacier 1994-95 General MCMEH-P001706
Woman recording field... Taylor Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000758
Person with field gear on... Canada Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000807
Two taking measurement with... Canada Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000810
Two people hike near glacier... Canada Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000829
Helicopter pilot and tech... Canada Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000849
Helicopter with sling load... Canada Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000850
Man with ski-doo and sledge... Commonwealth Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000851
Green hut near glacier face Canada Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000862
Time lapse camera set up Howard Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001152
Lake Hoare Camp Canada Glacier Canada Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001157
Andrew on Howard Glacier... Howard Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001165
Two researchers on Howard... Howard Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001166
Andrew Fountain on Howard... Howard Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001167
Andrew Fountain drilling into... Howard Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001168