Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Taylor Glacier Met Station Taylor Glacier 1995-96 General MCMEH-P001189
Man at stream gauge site Lost Seal Stream Gauge at F3 1991-92 General MCMEH-P000549
Surveying an algal transect Bohner Stream 1991-92 General MCMEH-P000553
Man near stream control Green Creek 1991-92 General MCMEH-P000566
Divers with equipment at lake Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000175
Five figures Lake Hoare... Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P001381
Antarctica First 1972 Team in... Lake Bonney 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003650
Scientists with 500 year old... Unknown Place 1959-60 General MCMEH-P001338
Tom Allensworth Lowell York... Unknown Place Unknown Season General MCMEH-P003621