Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Nine researchers in hut Lake Hoare Camp 1987-88 General MCMEH-P000210
Nine Men in Hut Lake Hoare Camp 1987-88 General MCMEH-P000213
Four men with flag Lake Hoare 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000189
Three researchers at Lake... Lake Hoare 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000518
Helo tractors baggage Unknown Place 1986-96 General MCMEH-P002391
Three people at base Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000191
Four people hauling equipment... Lake Hoare 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000243
Three researchers at melt... Lake Hoare 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000281
Vanda Station mess hut 1985 Vanda Station (Old) 1985 General MCMEH-P000434
Helo tractors and Vanda camp... Vanda Station (Old) 1985-95 General MCMEH-P002390
Helo station tractor Unknown Place 1985-96 General MCMEH-P002392
Men in Front of Hut Vanda Station (Old) 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000064
Loading Equipment into... Vanda Station (Old) 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000065
Men Sitting Against Hut Miers Valley 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000074
Three researchers on lake ice Lake Hoare 1981-82 General MCMEH-P000291
Tractor Swim Lake Vanda 1980-81 General MCMEH-P002359
Tractor Swim Lake Vanda 1980-81 General MCMEH-P002360
Snow School Unknown Place 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000190
Sledging steamer on lake ice Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000216
Three researchers with... Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000348
Ice hole melting Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000350
Three researchers taking... Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P000533
Six Japanese Researchers Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P002993
Helicopter on Valley Floor... Wright Valley 1975-76 General MCMEH-P000083
Offloading supplies at... Miagkov-Wolak Camp 1975-76 General MCMEH-P003641
1973-74 DVDP Lake Vanda North Fork Basin DVDP14 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003688
1973-74 DVDP Lake Vanda North Fork Basin DVDP14 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003689
People and gear near... Unknown Place 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003691
View of DVDP Site Near Lake Unknown Place 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003694
Wright Valley view from... Wright Valley 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003674