Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Hokie Hut Lake Hoare Camp 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000496
Trip to Lake Hoare Ferrar... Unknown Place 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000510
C-131 Hercules McMurdo Sound McMurdo Sound 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000512
Three researchers taking... Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P000533
Wharton, Robert A inside... Unknown Place 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000537
Six Japanese Researchers Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P002993
Jeffrey Rude monument Unknown Place 1977-78 General MCMEH-P000385
Emperor pengiun with... Unknown Place 1977 General MCMEH-P000491
Dive camp tents and hut Cape Evans 1974-75 General MCMEH-P000381
Explosives in use on ice Unknown Place 1968-69 General MCMEH-P000379
Breaker ship supplies and... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000369
Crary Biolab and equipment McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000370
Helicopter landing pad with... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000371
Ice Breaker small structure McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000372
Ships and garbagev piles McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000373
Quonset huts and chapel McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000374
Quonset huts McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000375
View from Crary Biolab McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000376
Powerlines and Quonset hut... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000378
Man near hut at Cape Royds Cape Royds 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000380
Pondside tent with equipment... Unknown Place 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000384
Penny Lake tents and equipment Penny Lake 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000386
Man with solar array Andrew's Ridge 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000389
Army Helicopters for Topo... Beardmore Glacier 1961-62 General MCMEH-P002943
Barne Glacier from Cape Evans Barne Glacier 1961-62 General MCMEH-P002944
Barne Glacier from Cape Evans... Barne Glacier 1961-62 General MCMEH-P002945
Barne Glacier from Cape Evans... Barne Glacier 1961-62 General MCMEH-P002946
Beardmore Camp 1 Transantarctic mountains 1961-62 General MCMEH-P002948
Beardmore Camp 2 Transantarctic mountains 1961-62 General MCMEH-P002949
Beardmore Camp 3 Transantarctic mountains 1961-62 General MCMEH-P002950