Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
People at Lake Hoare Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P001378
Soil sampling Lake Vanda Lake Vanda 1979-80 General MCMEH-P001379
Three figures taking soil... Lake Vanda 1979-80 General MCMEH-P001380
Five figures Lake Hoare... Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P001381
Camp S-002 Lake Hoare Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P001382
Ventifacts TV Taylor Valley 1977-78 General MCMEH-P001377
Ventifact and helicopter Unknown Place 1975-76 General MCMEH-P001328
Scientist near Asgard glaciers Asgard Glacier 1975-76 General MCMEH-P001374
Scientist at Olympus Mountain... Olympus Range 1975-76 General MCMEH-P001376
Helos at DVDP Site Unknown Place 1974-75 General MCMEH-P001217
Scientists at Lake Bonney Lake Bonney 1974-75 General MCMEH-P001371
People walking on Lake Vanda Lake Vanda 1974-75 General MCMEH-P001372
People near glacier Unknown Place 1974-75 General MCMEH-P001373
Lake and mountains in... Wright Valley 1973-74 General MCMEH-P001282
View of cliff DVs Unknown Place 1973-74 General MCMEH-P001368
View of DVDP Lake Vida Lake Vida 1973-74 General MCMEH-P001369
Lake Bonney camp Lake Bonney 1973-74 General MCMEH-P001370
Chafee and Elliot look over a... Unknown Place 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001205
Nottage on Mount Circe Mount Circe 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001206
Helicopter near Mount Circe Mount Circe 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001207
McClelland on mount Circe Mount Circe 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001208
Jones and McSaveneys Meserve... Meserve Glacier 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001209
Jones Field Party Refrigerator Meserve Glacier 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001210
Eileen McSaveney Refrigerator Meserve Glacier 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001211
Dry valleys Huskies Unknown Place 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001212
Dry Valleys Huskies harnessing Unknown Place 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001213
Gow and Sheehy Hobbs Glacier Hobbs Glacier 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001214
Dry valleys water near glacier Unknown Place 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001216
Taylor Glacier Taylor Glacier 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001218
Taylor Glacier View 2 Taylor Glacier 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001219