Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Snow drifts blocking... McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001561
Truck near hut McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001562
Wardroom McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001563
Polecat and emperor penguin Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001566
Man and equipment in Taylor... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001570
Man and equipment in snowy... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001574
Man loads drum into polecat Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001575
Snowdrifts in McMurdo Station McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001576
Snowdrifts in McMurdo Station McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001577
Chapel at sunset McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001579
Person walking near glacier... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001580
Glacier and pond in Taylor... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001582
Breaker ship supplies and... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000369
Crary Biolab and equipment McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000370
Helicopter landing pad with... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000371
Ice Breaker small structure McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000372
Ships and garbagev piles McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000373
Quonset huts and chapel McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000374
Quonset huts McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000375
View from Crary Biolab McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000376
Powerlines and Quonset hut... McMurdo Station 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000378
Man near hut at Cape Royds Cape Royds 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000380
Pondside tent with equipment... Unknown Place 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000384
Penny Lake tents and equipment Penny Lake 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000386
Man with solar array Andrew's Ridge 1963-64 General MCMEH-P000389
Russian plane on ice with... Unknown Place 1963 General MCMEH-P001517
Cutting a hole Unknown Place 1950 General MCMEH-P001516
Person on lake ice Lake Hoare Unknown Season General MCMEH-P000377
Crashed helicopter Unknown Place Unknown Season General MCMEH-P000382
Garbage piled in sound ship McMurdo Station Unknown Season General MCMEH-P000383