Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Three men in hut Lake Hoare Camp 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000958
Four men in hut Lake Hoare Camp 1994-95 General MCMEH-P000960
Bell 212 Lake Hoare Loading Lake Hoare Camp 1994-95 General MCMEH-P001659
People disembarking plane on... McMurdo Station 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000845
Lake Hoare Camp Farewell Lake Hoare Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001155
Blast line from det cord in... New Harbor Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001670
Researchers at Lake Bonney... Lake Bonney Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001697
Various People with Packing... Lake Fryxell Camp 1990-91 General MCMEH-P000014
Eleven People Outside Hut Lake Fryxell Camp 1990-91 General MCMEH-P000017
Men in Front of Hut Vanda Station (Old) 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000064
Loading Equipment into... Vanda Station (Old) 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000065
Five VXE-6 squadron members... McMurdo Station 1970-71 General MCMEH-P001365
Three men in barracks McMurdo Station 1964-65 General MCMEH-P001386
Interior of officers club... McMurdo Station 1964-65 General MCMEH-P001399
Caterpillar stuck in snow,... Scott Base 1964-65 General MCMEH-P004115
US and NZ geologists on snow... Scott Base 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001408
Three figures at Scott Base Scott Base 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001414
Construction for foundations... McMurdo Station 1957-58 General MCMEH-P002263
Ferguson tractor used to... McMurdo Station 1957-58 General MCMEH-P002264
View of a barbecue and beer... McMurdo Station 1957-58 General MCMEH-P002268
Norm Rivard and our mechanic... McMurdo Station 1957-58 General MCMEH-P002269
Loading IGY records on sled... McMurdo Station 1957-58 General MCMEH-P002047
Helicopter and equipment near... Lake Bonney Camp Unknown Season General MCMEH-P001492