Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Sand sheet above Lake Joyce Unknown Place 1996-97 General MCMEH-P000538
Hole into lake ice Unknown Place 1995 General MCMEH-P000268
Captain: P. Doran Moat Boat... Unknown Place 1993-94 General MCMEH-P000517
Stream soil profile Unknown Place 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000185
Two researchers surveying Unknown Place 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000233
Researcher laying on lake ice Unknown Place 1992 General MCMEH-P000241
Three researchers near... Unknown Place 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000250
People and gear in helicopter Unknown Place 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000193
Mummfied seal carcass Unknown Place 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000263
Cores (1986-87) Unknown Place 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000265
Researcher looking into hole Unknown Place 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000269
Three Researchers on Ice Unknown Place 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000347
Three people at base Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000191
Scuba diver in hole Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000271
Sampling equipment Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000501
Base Camp or air strip Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000503
Two researchers near... Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000505
C-130's Willie field Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000507
DH4 Ice Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000509
Lake Hoare Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000511
Wharton, Robert A Diving Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000515
Mars-like terrain Unknown Place 1981-82 General MCMEH-P000521
Helicopter sling load over... Unknown Place 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000173
Snow School Unknown Place 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000190
Trip to Lake Hoare Ferrar... Unknown Place 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000510
Three researchers taking... Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P000533
Wharton, Robert A inside... Unknown Place 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000537
Historical Photograph: Crew... Unknown Place Unknown Season General MCMEH-P000163
Historical Photograph: Man... Unknown Place Unknown Season General MCMEH-P000164
Ice axe on lake ice Unknown Place Unknown Season General MCMEH-P000196