Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Jeffrey Rude monument Unknown Place 1977-78 General MCMEH-P000385
Emperor pengiun with... Unknown Place 1977 General MCMEH-P000491
Dive camp tents and hut Cape Evans 1974-75 General MCMEH-P000381
Bulldozer towing destroyed C-... Unknown Place 1974 General MCMEH-P001512
Ice breaker cutting channel McMurdo Station 1974 General MCMEH-P001515
Erebus ice cave Unknown Place 1974 General MCMEH-P001519
Explosives in use on ice Unknown Place 1968-69 General MCMEH-P000379
Divers and equipment on ice Unknown Place 1968 General MCMEH-P001559
Truck near hut at sunset Unknown Place 1968 General MCMEH-P001578
Diver and equipment at ice... Unknown Place 1967 General MCMEH-P001518
Snowy McMurdo Station McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001521
Helicopter and drums at field... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001522
Helo pad with Navy helicopter McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001525
Dead fish and trash cans in... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001530
Posing at Blood Falls Blood Falls 1964 General MCMEH-P001531
Dry valley glacier Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001532
US and NZ tractors at McMurdo McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001533
Cutting ice blocks Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001534
Cutting ice blocks Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001535
At ice hole in the dark Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001537
New Zealand husky dogs near... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001539
Lower Taylor Valley Andrew's Ridge 1964 General MCMEH-P001545
Three people near lake Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001546
Man with equipment and tent Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001547
Looking out at snowy valley... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001548
Snowy McMurdo Station McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001549
McMurdo in January McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001551
Man and pet husky dog McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001552
Man stands in sun near... Unknown Place 1964 General MCMEH-P001558
Snow-covered station McMurdo Station 1964 General MCMEH-P001560