Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Ventifacts TV Taylor Valley 1977-78 General MCMEH-P001377
Lake and mountains in... Wright Valley 1973-74 General MCMEH-P001282
Four women awaiting helicopter Taylor Valley 1969-70 General MCMEH-P001361
Aerial Dry valleys and Beacon... Beacon Valley 1968-69 General MCMEH-P001215
Miers Valley campsite Miers Valley 1968-69 General MCMEH-P001356
Man checks instruments Miers... Miers Valley 1968-69 General MCMEH-P001357
Miers valley campsite Miers Valley 1968-69 General MCMEH-P001358
Miers glacier at Miers valley Miers Valley 1968-69 General MCMEH-P001359
Ventifacts Royal Society Range Miers Valley 1968-69 General MCMEH-P001360
Wright Valley floor Wright Valley 1965-66 General MCMEH-P001353
Five People walk near stream... Taylor Valley 1965-66 General MCMEH-P001355
Oblique of Wright Valley Wright Valley 1962-63 General MCMEH-P001346
High Oblique Wright Valley Wright Valley 1962-63 General MCMEH-P001347
Scenic view of HUS-IA on... Taylor Valley 1962-63 General MCMEH-P001348
Aerial of mountains near... Wright Valley 1961-62 General MCMEH-P001344
Aerial view of Taylor Dry... Taylor Valley 1960-61 General MCMEH-P001352