Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Ice hole melting Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000350
Three researchers taking... Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P000533
Six Japanese Researchers Unknown Place 1979 General MCMEH-P002993
Emperor pengiun with... Unknown Place 1977 General MCMEH-P000491
Helicopter on Valley Floor... Wright Valley 1975-76 General MCMEH-P000083
Two Men Standing Near... Unknown Place 1975-76 General MCMEH-P000087
Vanda Station from Ladder Vanda Station (Old) 1975-76 General MCMEH-P002355
Offloading supplies at... Miagkov-Wolak Camp 1975-76 General MCMEH-P003641
1973-74 DVDP Lake Vanda North Fork Basin DVDP14 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003688
1973-74 DVDP Lake Vanda North Fork Basin DVDP14 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003689
People and gear near... Unknown Place 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003691
View of DVDP Site Near Lake Unknown Place 1973-74 General MCMEH-P003694
Lake Bonney Hut Lake Bonney 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003651
Helicopter Landed on Valley... Lake Vida 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003662
Wright Valley view from... Wright Valley 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003674
Two people and flag near... Blood Falls 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003679
Igloo far end heating tube... Lake Bonney 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003698
Drilling operation far end Lake Bonney 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003699
Inside the hut 1972 Lake Bonney 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003704
Helicopter and two people Unknown Place 1972-73 General MCMEH-P004918
Five VXE-6 squadron members... McMurdo Station 1970-71 General MCMEH-P001365
Helo Loading Unknown Place 1970-71 General MCMEH-P002353
Navy helicopter and three... Don Juan Pond 1969-70 General MCMEH-P001367
NZARP snowcats and five people Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004460
Four people with caterpillar Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004463
Unloading C130 with four... Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004464
Unloading C130 with four... Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004465
Unloading C130 with two people Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004466
Unloading C130 with three... Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004467
Six people outside C130 Unknown Place 1969-70 General MCMEH-P004468