Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Lake Hoare Camp Farewell Lake Hoare Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001155
Drilling hole for blast New Harbor Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001668
Blast line from det cord in... New Harbor Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001670
Dive Hole New Harbor Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001674
Snap Divers New Harbor Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001679
Researchers at Lake Bonney... Lake Bonney Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001697
Frozen pond in front of... Canada Glacier 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001700
Researchers on ATV Lake Bonney 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001707
Lake Bonney Camp Lake Bonney Camp 1993-94 General MCMEH-P001710
Three Eagles near ice hole Lake Hoare 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000232
Telepresence Headset Lake Hoare Camp 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000234
Three researchers near... Unknown Place 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000250
Six researchers having a meal... Lake Hoare Camp 1992 General MCMEH-P000251
Two researchers near Canada... Canada Glacier 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000367
Two researchers with... Lake Hoare 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000368
Two researchers pulling a... Lake Hoare 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000526
Diving at Lake Hoare Lake Hoare 1992-93 General MCMEH-P000527
Loading 'toys' onto... Unknown Place 1992 General MCMEH-P002448
Man riding bike near... Unknown Place 1992 General MCMEH-P002449
Taylor Valley Taylor Valley 1991-92 General MCMEH-P003723
Battleship Promontory Battleship Promontory 1991-92 General MCMEH-P003734
Two People in Lower Victoria Victoria Valley 1991-92 General MCMEH-P003737
Marble Point Marble Point 1991-92 General MCMEH-P003741
Various People with Packing... Lake Fryxell Camp 1990-91 General MCMEH-P000014
Eleven People Outside Hut Lake Fryxell Camp 1990-91 General MCMEH-P000017
People sitting at table in... Unknown Place 1990-91 General MCMEH-P001063
Upper Wright Ice Fall Upper Wright Glacier 1989-90 General MCMEH-P003713
Tractor and station buildings... Vanda Station (Old) 1988-89 General MCMEH-P002397
Helicopter with sling load Lake Hoare Camp 1987-88 General MCMEH-P000202
Helicopter pilot thumbs up... Lake Hoare Camp 1987-88 General MCMEH-P000203