Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Two researchers foot bridge... Lake Hoare Camp 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000254
Three Researchers on Ice Unknown Place 1986-87 General MCMEH-P000347
Three people at base Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000191
Researchers with equipment at... Lake Hoare 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000219
Lake Hoare Ice Lake Hoare 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000292
Three researchers with flag... Lake Hoare 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000302
Two researchers near... Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000505
Lake Hoare Ice Lake Hoare 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000508
Wharton, Robert A Diving Unknown Place 1985-86 General MCMEH-P000515
Men and Equipment Outside Hut Lake Fryxell Camp 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000043
Men at Table Lake Fryxell Camp 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000044
Men with Wire Equipment Lake Fryxell Camp 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000045
Men in Tent Lake Fryxell Camp 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000047
Man Posing Near Hut with Bag Lake Hoare Camp 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000049
Men Sitting Against Hut Miers Valley 1984-85 General MCMEH-P000074
Divers with equipment at lake Lake Hoare 1979-80 General MCMEH-P000175
Scientist at Olympus Mountain... Olympus Range 1975-76 General MCMEH-P001376
Antarctica First 1972 Team in... Lake Bonney 1972-73 General MCMEH-P003650
Gow and Sheehy Hobbs Glacier Hobbs Glacier 1971-72 General MCMEH-P001214
Man checks instruments Miers... Miers Valley 1968-69 General MCMEH-P001357
Camp on ferrar glacier Ferrar Glacier 1962-63 General MCMEH-P001302
John Milligan Darby george... Beardmore Camp 1960-61 General MCMEH-P003050
Ray Sirochi Biolab Feb 1961 Unknown Place 1960-61 General MCMEH-P003598
New Year's eve Antarctica Taylor Valley 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001403
New Year's Eve... Taylor Valley 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001407
USGS Camp in Pearse Valley Pearse Valley 1958-59 General MCMEH-P001433
Officers at Marble Point Marble Point 1957-58 General MCMEH-P001223
Post tnt blast permafrost... Marble Point 1957-58 General MCMEH-P001251
Placing tnt charges marble... Marble Point 1957-58 General MCMEH-P001252
First landing on ice-free... Marble Point 1957-58 General MCMEH-P001255