Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Dive camp tents and hut 1974-75 Cape Evans General MCMEH-P000381
Helos at DVDP Site 1974-75 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001217
Scientists at Lake Bonney 1974-75 Lake Bonney General MCMEH-P001371
People walking on Lake Vanda 1974-75 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P001372
People near glacier 1974-75 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001373
Shooting the weir at Onyx 1974-75 Onyx River General MCMEH-P002346
Vanda PWA 1974-75 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002361
Rafters going over stream gage Vanda 1974-75 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P002414