Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Summer work from Vanda 1970 Vanda Station (Old) General MCMEH-B000005
The first year at Vanda Station 1970 Vanda Station (Old) General MCMEH-B000006
Dry Valley bibliography 1970 McMurdo Dry Valleys General MCMEH-B000007
Potassium-argon dates on mierals from the Mt. Faconer area, Lower Taylor Valley, south Victoria Land, Antarctica. 1970 Taylor Valley Geology MCMEH-B000132
Volcanic vents below the Royal Society Range, central Victoria Land, Antarctica 1970 General Antarctic Geology MCMEH-B000244
Stratigraphy of the Beacon Supergroup between the Olympus and Boomerang Ranges, Victoria Land. 1970 Victoria Valley Geology MCMEH-B000252
Geological studies of basement rocks in south Victoria Land 1970 Skelton Glacier Geology MCMEH-B000279
First Waikato University Antarctic Research 1970 General Antarctic Geology MCMEH-B000307
Electrical depth soundings in Antarctic dry valleys. 1970 Lake Vanda Geophysics MCMEH-B000384
The mass balance of a cold glacier: Meserve Glacier, south Victoria Land, Antarctica 1970 Meserve Glacier Glaciology MCMEH-B000415
Glacial history of Wright Valley, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. 1970 Lower Wright Glacier Glaciology MCMEH-B000423
Late Cenozoic glaciation in Antarctica: the record in the McMurdo Sound region 1970 Victoria Land Glaciology MCMEH-B000430
The McMurdo Dry Valleys 1970 McMurdo Dry Valleys Glaciology MCMEH-B000486
Antarctic Saline Lakes 1970 McMurdo Dry Valleys Limnology MCMEH-B000608
An electrostatic field mill for the Antarctic station at Lake Vanda 1970 Lake Vanda Atmospheric Science MCMEH-B000642
The microbiology of some dry valley soils of Victoria Land, Antarctica. 1970 McMurdo Dry Valleys Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000656
Antarctic soil algal crusts: scanning electron and optical microscope study 1970 General Antarctic Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000665
Algae from the soil of the Antarctic. 1970 Lake Vanda Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000686
World’s last frontier. III. Polar mycology in Lake Vanda, Antarctica. 1970 Lake Vanda Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000690
VUW Party makes rich find of fish fossils 1970 General Antarctic Paleontology MCMEH-B000694
Isolation and characterization of coal in Antarctic dry valley soils 1970 McKelvey Valley Soil Science MCMEH-B000736
Wright Valley soil studies 1970 Bartley Glacier Soil Science MCMEH-B000739
Patterned-ground studies in Antarctica 1970 Nussbaum Riegel Soil Science MCMEH-B000745
Micromorphological investigations of Antarctic soils 1970 Bowers Piedmont Glacier Soil Science MCMEH-B000776
Weathering and soil formation in the dry valleys of Victoria Land, Antarctica 1970 Borns Glacier Soil Science MCMEH-B000781
Electromagnetic noise survey on Ross Island 1970 Ross Island Geophysics MCMEH-B000397
Gravity field and crustal structure of Wilkes and Victoria Lands (East Antarctica). (Gravitatsi pole I stroenie zemnoi kory Zemli Uilksa I Zemli Viktorii (Vostoohnaia Antarktida). 1970 General Antarctic Geophysics MCMEH-B000373
Report of the Japanese summer parties in dry valleys, Victoria Land, 1963-1965. VIII. Occurrence of antarcticite in Don Juan Pond: sequential change and the conditions of crystallization 1970 McMurdo Dry Valleys Limnology MCMEH-B000594
Microbiology, ecology and microclimatology of soil sites in dry valleys of southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. In Antarctic ecology 1970 McMurdo Dry Valleys Ecology and Biology MCMEH-B000667
Chemical and physical characteristics of Meserve Glacier morainal soils, Wright Valley, Antarctica: an index of relative age? (abstract) 1970 Meserve Glacier Soil Science MCMEH-B000772