Taylor Glacier

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Diabase sheets of the Taylor Glacier region, Victoria Land, Antarctica 1965 Taylor Glacier Geology MCMEH-B000198
Petrography of Beacon Sandstone samples from Beacon Height West, Upper Taylor Glacier, Antarctica 1962 Taylor Glacier Geology MCMEH-B000317
Basal sedimentary section at Windy Gully, Taylor Glacier, Victoria Land, Antarctica 1961 Taylor Glacier Geology MCMEH-B000355
Geology of Taylor Glacier: Taylor Dry Valley region, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica 1960 Taylor Glacier Geology MCMEH-B000200
Geological investigations in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Part 2 – Geology of Upper Taylor Glacier region. 1959 Taylor Glacier Geology MCMEH-B000248