Hydrography of the Dry Valleys

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Aiken Creek House Stream at H2 Lake Miers Mummy Pond
Aiken Creek at F5 Huey Creek Lake Penny Onyx River
Andersen Creek Lacroix Creek Lake Popplewell Onyx River at Lake Vanda Weir
Balham Lake Lake Bonney Lake Rivard Onyx River at Lower Wright Weir
Black Lake Lake Bonney (old) Lake Rooney Penny Lake
Blue Lake Lake Bonney Camp Lake Thomas Priscu Stream
Bohner Stream Lake Bonney Met Station Lake Trowbridge Priscu Stream at B1
Bowles Creek Lake Brownworth Lake Vanda Santa Fe Stream
Bullseye Lake Lake Brownworth Met Station Lake Vanda Huts Santa Fe Stream at B2
Canada Stream Lake Bull Lake Vanda Met Station Simmons Creek
Canada Stream at F1 Lake Canopus Lake Vashka Simmons Lake
Collean Lake Lake Chad Lake Victoria Skua Lake
Delta Stream Lake Fryxell Lake Vida Stream Gauges
Delta Stream at F10 Lake Fryxell Camp Lake Vida DVDP Site 6 Streams
Don Juan Pond Lake Fryxell Met Station Lake Vida DVDP6 Surko Stream
Don Juan Pond DVDP5-13 Lake Hoare Lake Vida Met Station Taylor River
Fryxell Creek Lake Hoare Camp Lakes and Ponds Upper Victoria Lake
Garwood Lake Lake Hoare DVDP Site 12 (Lake Leon) Lawson Creek Victoria Upper Lake
Green Creek Lake Hoare Met Station Lawson Creek at B3 Von Guerard Stream
Green Creek at F9 Lake House Lost Seal Stream Von Guerard Stream at F6
Harnish Creek Tributary Lake Joyce Lost Seal Stream Gauge at F3 Von Guerard Stream at Upper Site
Harnish Creek Tributary at F11 Lake Leon (Lake Hoare) DVDP12 McKay Creek Webb Lake
House Stream Lake Meirs McKnight Creek Wharton Creek