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Content Title Season Place Academic Field Identifier
Rock faces Unknown MCMEH-P002794
Sea of ice and water Unknown MCMEH-P002667
Cliff face 3 Unknown MCMEH-P002730
Snowy mountain Unknown MCMEH-P002773
Mountain with snow base Unknown MCMEH-P002646
White on white Unknown MCMEH-P002709
Brown and black mountain top Unknown MCMEH-P002837
Person taking photo Unknown MCMEH-P002688
Diagonal decline Unknown MCMEH-P002816
Clouds over peak Unknown MCMEH-P002752
Aerial view of Adare Peninsula Unknown MCMEH-P002625
Converging rock faces Unknown MCMEH-P002795
Sea of ice and mountains Unknown MCMEH-P002668
Mountain slope Unknown MCMEH-P002731
Snowy mountain 2 Unknown MCMEH-P002774
Mountain with snow base corner view Unknown MCMEH-P002647
Cirrus clouds over peaks Unknown MCMEH-P002710
Snow shadows Unknown MCMEH-P002838
In between rocks and ice Unknown MCMEH-P002689
Canada Cglaciers ASPA in Jan 1994 Unknown Canada Clacer General MCMEH-P002472