New Zealand

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Ian Hawes Interview 2014 Lake Vanda Limnology MCMEH-I0001
Bill Lucy Interview 2014 Lake Vanda Surveying MCMEH-I0006
Chris Hendy Interview 2014 Lake Fryxell Geology MCMEH-I0007
Clive Howard Williams Interview 2014 Lake Vanda Stream Hydrology MCMEH-I0008
Graeme Claridge Interview 2014 Vanda Station Soil Science MCMEH-I0011
John McCraw Interview 2014 New Harbor Soil Science MCMEH-I0013
Iain Campbell Interview 2014 Marble Point Soil Science MCMEH-I0012
Megan Balks Interview 2014 Wright Valley Soil Science MCMEH-I0014
Peter Barrett Interview 2014 Wright Valley Geology MCMEH-I0015
Peter Kamp Interview 2014 Miers Valley Geomorphology MCMEH-I0016
Map 1: Overview ASMA No. 2 McMurdo Dry Valleys: boundary & zones 2011 Taylor Valley Cartography MCMEH-M0003
Map 2: Overview Central Dry Valleys 2011 Taylor Valley Cartography MCMEH-M0004
Quonset Hut-New Harbour 2001-02 New Harbor MCMEH-P004939
Two people posing in Christchurch airport 1994-95 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000962
Old Vanda station near lake 1993-94 Vanda Station (Old) General MCMEH-P000762
International Antarctic Center 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000834
CDC at Christchurch waiting for flight to McMurdo 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000835
People near military airplane 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000836
People at Christchurch terminal 1993-94 Christchurch New Zealand General MCMEH-P000844
Canada Cglaciers ASPA in Jan 1994 1993-1994 Canada Glacier General MCMEH-P002472
Loading 'toys' onto helicopters 1992 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002448
Man riding bike near helicopter 1992 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002449
New Zealand helicopter near stream control 1991-92 Green Creek General MCMEH-P000565
Tractor and station buildings Vanda 1988-89 Vanda Station (Old) General MCMEH-P002397
Two men on tractor Lake Vanda 1986-86 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P002371
Stream gage lake vanda 1986-87 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002373
Stream gage lake vanda 3 1986-88 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002375
Stream gage 1986-89 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002377
Stream gage and weir close up 1986-90 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002379
Stream flow over gage close up 1986-91 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P002381