Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
From top of Marshall Valley Seal cliff looking down to Miers Valley 1999-00 Marshall Valley General MCMEH-P000459
Miers Valley 1999-00 Miers Valley General MCMEH-P000460
Miers Valley 1999-00 Miers Valley General MCMEH-P000461
Miers Valley departing slide reversed 1999-00 Miers Valley General MCMEH-P000462
Men Sitting Against Hut 1984-85 Miers Valley General MCMEH-P000074
Man checks instruments Miers Valley 1968-69 Miers Valley General MCMEH-P001357
New Year's eve Antarctica 1958-59 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001403
New Year's Eve celebrations 1958-59 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001407
USGS Camp in Pearse Valley 1958-59 Pearse Valley General MCMEH-P001433