Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
View of Barwick Valley 1958-59 Barwick Valley General MCMEH-P001387
Man with flare helicopter landing 1958-59 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001392
New Year's eve Antarctica 1958-59 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001403
Aerial view of Pearse Valley campsite 1958-59 Pearse Valley General MCMEH-P001404
Looking northeast across Pearse Valley 1958-59 Pearse Valley General MCMEH-P001406
New Year's Eve celebrations 1958-59 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001407
South side of Taylor Dry Valley roof pendant sills and cinders 1958-59 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001422
Sulfate pool and salty ice 1958-59 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001423
View of Taylor Valley 1958-59 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P001424
USGS Camp in Pearse Valley 1958-59 Pearse Valley General MCMEH-P001433
Recessional moraines Victoria Valley 1958-59 Victoria Valley General MCMEH-P001435
Wright Valley aerial 1958-59 Wright Valley General MCMEH-P001441
Aerial of Wright Valley 1958-59 Wright Valley General MCMEH-P001442
Pyramid Mountain 1958-59 Beacon Valley General MCMEH-P002583
Black side of mountain Unknown Season Wright Valley General MCMEH-P002934