Content Title Place Season Field Identifier
Mount ErebusCape Evans K024 Mount Erebus 1999-00 General MCMEH-P000448
Cape Royds hut Cape Royds 1999-00 General MCMEH-P000458
Miers Valley departing slide... Miers Valley 1999-00 General MCMEH-P000462
Scott Base dining room Scott Base 1999-00 General MCMEH-P000463
Taylor Valley Lake Fryxell Lake Fryxell 1998-99 General MCMEH-P000439
K024 Unknown Place 1998-99 General MCMEH-P000440
US Ski K204 Unknown Place 1998-99 General MCMEH-P000441
US Ski K204 Unknown Place 1998-99 General MCMEH-P000442
Stevens and Cowan Unknown Place 1998-99 General MCMEH-P000443
Seven researchers in hut Lake Hoare Camp 1987-88 General MCMEH-P000212
First landing on ice-free... Marble Point 1957-58 General MCMEH-P001255
First landing admiral dufek... Marble Point 1957-58 General MCMEH-P001268
First landing edmund hillary... Marble Point 1957-58 General MCMEH-P001269
Hauling Cook out to the... McMurdo Station 1957-58 General MCMEH-P002309