Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Application of the Ghyben-Herzberg Principles to an understanding of the physical chemistry of Ross Island and New Harbor Permafrost core. 1976 New Harbor Camp Geochemistry MCMEH-B000088
Carbon-14 dates of Adamussium colbecki (Mollusca) in marine deposits at New Harbor, Taylor Valley 1976 New Harbor Camp Paleontology MCMEH-B000718
Oxygen isotope analysis of permafrost waters from DVDP 8,9, and 10 (New Harbor) 1975 New Harbor Camp Geochemistry MCMEH-B000107
Diatoms from DVDP cores 8 and 9 (New Harbor). 1975 New Harbor Camp Paleontology MCMEH-B000710
Core documentation and disposition: photographic record of New Harbor core, DVDP 8 and 9. 1974 New Harbor Camp Geology MCMEH-B000147
Late Cenozoic glacial sequence cored at New Harbor, Victoria Land, Antarctica (DVDP 8 and 9) 1974 New Harbor Camp Glaciology MCMEH-B000426
A Method of Gully Erosion, Taylor Dry Valley, Antarctica 1971 New Harbor Camp Geology MCMEH-B000308