Antarctic NZ Digital Asset Manager

Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Reconstructing the base of Vince's Cross 2015-2016 Hut Point Peninsula MCMEH-P004997
Borschgrevink's Hut at Cape Adare amongst eh Adleie Penguin Colony 2015-2016 Borchgrevink Huts MCMEH-P005080
AHT's Lizzie Meek and Josiah Wagener prepare to move artefacts from Scott's Terra Nova Hut to the nearby conservation laboratory at Cape Evans 2013-2014 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004962
AnNZ CEO Peter Beggs makes his first visit to Scott's Terra Nova Hut, on this first trip to Antarctica 2013-2014 Terra Nova Hut MCMEH-P005039
AHT's Tank Adams rakes the ground contours after re-stacking the cairn at the base of Vince's Cross, Hut Point 2013-2014 Vince's Cross MCMEH-P005067
Hut at Cape Bird 2007-2008 Cape Bird MCMEH-P005058
Aerial of Discovery 2006-2007 Hut Point MCMEH-P004961
Terra Nova Hut, Cape Evans, November 2005 2005-2006 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004981
Cape Royds-Shackleton's hut 2002-2003 Cape Royds MCMEH-P004967
Quonset Hut-New Harbour 2001-02 New Harbor MCMEH-P004939
Scott's Terra Nova looking east toward Mt.Erebus 2001-2002 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004969
Shackleton's Hut at Cape Royds 1999-2000 Cape Royds MCMEH-P004978
TAE/IGY reunion at Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans 1999-2000 Terra Nova Huts MCMEH-P005065
Scott's Hut at Cape Evans SPA 1997-1998 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004971
Shoreline, Cape Evans 1997-1998 Cape Evans MCMEH-P005063
Cape Roberts Projec: Outside Cape Royds Hut 1996-1997 Cape Royds Hut MCMEH-P005040
Scott's Hut at Cape Evans 1995-1996 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004973
Shackleton's Hut 1994-1995 Shackleton's Hut MCMEH-P004954
Cape Adare Huts 1994-1995 Cape Adare MCMEH-P004998
Borchgrevink's Hut 1994-1995 Cape Adare MCMEH-P005006
TAE Hut From Shoreline 1993-1994 Scott Base MCMEH-P004994
Dog Kennels 1993-94 Cape Royds MCMEH-P005009
Shackleton's Hut 1993-1994 Shackleton's Hut MCMEH-P005038
TAE Hut- Scott Base 1993-1994 TAE Hut MCMEH-P005073
Dr Micheal Pearson Visits Shackleton's Hut 1992-1993 Cape Royds MCMEH-P004951
Adelie Penguins outside Shackleton's Hut 1982-1983 Cape Royds MCMEH-P004952
Scott's Hut at Cape Evans Aerial View 1992-1993 Cape Evans MCMEH-P004965
Shackleton's Hut Exterior 1992-1993 Cape Royds MCMEH-P004968
Royds Hut Exterior 1992-1993 Royds Hut MCMEH-P005084
Cape Evans Hut in the Spring 1991-1992 Cape Evans Hut MCMEH-P005033