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Content Title Season Place Academic Field Identifier
Mountain pond at base Unknown MCMEH-P002661
Brown and black rock face Unknown MCMEH-P002788
Black curves and snow Unknown MCMEH-P002724
Tuff, breccia and lava at Hallet Unknown MCMEH-P002640
Hammer on rock surface 3 Unknown MCMEH-P002767
Aerial view of flat sloped mountains Unknown MCMEH-P002703
Blue sea ice Unknown MCMEH-P002831
Multi-tool for scale of a rock Unknown MCMEH-P002682
Rock in between snow Unknown MCMEH-P002810
Slope and snow Unknown MCMEH-P002746
Aerial view of sea ice Unknown MCMEH-P002662
Ragged mountain Unknown MCMEH-P002789
Textured snow Unknown MCMEH-P002725
Nodular lavas at Hallet Unknown MCMEH-P002641
Hammer on rock surface 4 Unknown MCMEH-P002768
Aerial sea Unknown MCMEH-P002704
Purple broken sea ice Unknown MCMEH-P002832
Aerial view of snow patched ground Unknown MCMEH-P002683
Discolorations on rock face Unknown MCMEH-P002811
Basement rocks and Tucker Glacier Unknown MCMEH-P002620