Content Title Season Place Field Identifier
Tents on Ridge Overlooking Valley and Glacier 1975-76 Commonwealth Glacier General MCMEH-P000079
Single Orange Tent 1975-76 Matterhorn General MCMEH-P000080
Glacier Between Two Mountain Peaks 1975-76 Lacroix Glacier General MCMEH-P000081
Man Standing in Front of Glacier 1975-76 Suess Glacier General MCMEH-P000082
Helicopter on Valley Floor Four People Nearby 1975-76 Wright Valley General MCMEH-P000083
Linear Tracks Across Melting Lake Ice 1975-76 Lake Bonney General MCMEH-P000084
Orange and Green Tents with Equipment 1975-76 Taylor Valley General MCMEH-P000085
Man using Surveying Equipment 1975-76 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000086
Two Men Standing Near Supplies Pile Outside Research Facility 1975-76 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000087
Two Men Overlooking Glacier 1975-76 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000088
Glaciers Moraines Water Tracks 1975-76 Lacroix Glacier General MCMEH-P000089
Glacier Flowing Into Valley 1975-76 Lacroix Glacier General MCMEH-P000090
Glacier and Peak 1975-76 Suess Glacier General MCMEH-P000091
Glacier and Peak 1975-76 Canada Glacier General MCMEH-P000092
Glacier and Peak 1975-76 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000093
Glacier and Peak 1975-76 Rhone Glacier General MCMEH-P000094
Glacier Near Linear Features on Ground 1975-76 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000095
Glacier Flowing Into Valley 1975-76 Commonwealth Glacier General MCMEH-P000096
Glacier Flowing Into Valley 1975-76 Commonwealth Glacier General MCMEH-P000097
Moist Pond Bed 1975-76 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P000098
Ventifact and helicopter 1975-76 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P001328
Scientist near Asgard glaciers 1975-76 Asgard Glacier General MCMEH-P001374
Scientist at Olympus Mountain Range 1975-76 Olympus Range General MCMEH-P001376
Vanda Station from Ladder 1975-76 Vanda Station (Old) General MCMEH-P002355
Vanda Station (Old) 1975-76 Vanda Station (Old) General MCMEH-P002356
Vanda Letterbox milk seal 1975-76 Lake Vanda General MCMEH-P002362
Miagkov-Wolak Camp on North Side of Wright Valley 1975-76 Wright Valley General MCMEH-P003637
Richard Wolak at camp hart and Meserve Glacier 1975-76 Meserve Glacier General MCMEH-P003638
Wolak at camp making coffee Wright Valley Conrow Glacier in back 1975-76 Miagkov-Wolak Camp General MCMEH-P003639
Richard Wolak hiking an unknown glacier 1975-76 Unknown Place General MCMEH-P003640